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Radnorshire Honey

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Five days



Radnorshire Honey is a family run business. Their honey has sold well in local markets in rural areas for years, mainly to an older demographic. To continue the legacy of Radnorshire Honey, the owner wanted to shake things up by reaching a new audience with a rebrand and new packaging design. This is a University brief, set by Pixelhaze.



The brief calls for an energetic and eye-catching brand to increase the recognition of Radnorshire Honey among twenty to thirty year olds and to motivate them to experience the honey products.


Logo concept



Inspired by the fearless works of Andreea Robescu, utilising vibrant colours and a modern font that would speak to the younger generation was my vision for Radnorshire Honey’s brand.


Radnorshire Honey bring a new experience of honey to their consumers by hand, and a playful handmade art direction was a way to mirror this. A creative solution, with a minimalistic approach in order to be versatile for the ‘eye-catching’ packaging design.


The brand identity solution is to include several visuals of different colours that correlate with honey which also hints to the changes Radnorshire Honey has gone through over the last few years and a solution that is relevant to their target consumers yet will be with the company for years to come.

Radnorshire Honey white.png


This project has been a rewarding and challenging experience from start to finish as I tried to step out of my comfort zone to explore photoshop brushes to create a cohesive yet modern brand identity that resonated with the target audience, inspired by the natural ingredients infused by hand.


The packaging

This project demonstrates my ability to create a compelling and effective visual communication solution through adopting a daring attitude with the packaging design composition in order to achieve an energetic and eye-catching honey jar.

The brand

A timeless and distinct brand identity to back their vision to be Wales' leading family owned honey company by 2027. Vibrant visuals inspired by honey which refers to Radnorshire Honey's mission to sell honey sustainably and to bring joy to honey lovers by giving them a unique honey experience. Radnorshire Honey values growth, humility, quality and sustainability. Growth is shown through the brand identity by the composition of honey-like visuals by scale and forming upwards. Radnorshire Honey shows sustainability through their identity by adopting a natural feeling brand.

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