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Five days


A charitable organisation recently established in Wales takes ethical steps to source its coffee beans from sustainable farms located in the mountains of Brazil. Through partnerships with homeless charities, they are providing job opportunities to the homeless and helping them work towards a brighter future. The coffee sourced is of premium quality and is sold across the United Kingdom. This is a University brief, set by Designdough.



The brief calls for two deliverables. A brand name and design, providing a recognisable identity to the product, and a campaign design to market the new service to the the target audience of twenty to forty year olds.



This not for profit charity will provide an extraordinary experience for the customer by the brands commitment to authenticity and integrity which adopts a strong sense of trust, making them feel welcomed and modest. The personal stories from the employees will act as an everlasting source of motivation and will bring the customer closer to the company and its employees, leaving the customer with an eternal shift on their outlook of the homelessness.

The brand assures sustainability and freshness to its consumers. My goal is to design an organic brand identity that unites these promises.



As an expression of gratitude to the sustainable farms in Brazil where the coffee is sourced, the brand name will be in Portuguese to ensure that  the brand stands out from its Welsh origins. Introducing Eterna (Eternal) Coffee.

The name reflects the eternally powerful backstories of the staff, and this is further symbolised in the Triquetra style logo, which is formed from one continuous line that creates an endless loop. Even though the spiritual symbol does not directly reflect the brand's values, it was used to inspire the brand identity, which is embodied in the coffee beans which brings the brand to life and resembles the brands promise of authenticity and freshness.

The brand

Eterna's mission of providing community to people experiencing homelessness and poverty, is hinted in the brand by utilising coffee beans to resemble unification.

The hue of salmon represents optimism, which aligns with the company's value of excitement while being an environmentally conscious and timeless brand.

The brand identity symbolises inclusion and this resembles Eterna's vision to create a world in which every person has access to a warm cup of coffee and a community of support. 

The campaign

Eterna Coffee is bringing attention to the problem of homelessness across the country with their pre-printed stickers that are placed on their cups. The stickers feature stories of homeless people who have been assisted by the company and show their appreciation for the donations they have received. Instead of printing the customer's name on the cup, a homeless person with the same name is featured, telling their story.


The aim of the campaign is to make the viewer connect with Eterna and it's people by showing the customer gratitude for their donation. Which increases the probability of the customer returning. The bold design on the evironmentally friendly cups, together with the sticker, brings attention to the cup and encourages the customers to share the stories, in turn raising awareness on the issue of homelessness.

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