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Unitive is a platform that exhibits creative careers and facilitates a sense of unity among young creative individuals, fostering support and collaboration. Within the framework of my university's final major project, we were tasked with addressing a problem that deeply resonated with us, utilising design as a means to find a solution.



Recent studies prove that secondary school art departments are undervalued due to limited funding and time, leaving students feeling unsupported in their creativity.

With research proving the lack of appreciation and support for creativity within schools, the primary challenge to kickstart this project was centred on how design can bring focus on developing creativity within the secondary school system.



A definitive solution to this issue is to inspire students to feel empowered by creativity as a force within their educational journey, as studies prove secondary schools prioritise what they perceive as economically valuable subjects, this leads to multiple creative careers to go unnoticed.

To tackle this nationwide issue, information on creative careers need to be at the fingertips of students, with an improved level of accessibility. This leads to students uniting with creative peers who share the same creative career interests which fosters support and collaboration, inspiring students to embrace creativity as a key component, critical to the development of one's self worth.


Unitive, built from combining 'unity' and 'creative' which resembles the brands purpose of uniting creatives to foster support and collaboration.

The colour palette consists of a youthful purple which aims to uplift and spark creative fantasies, with blue symbolising stability, inspiring students to endure future creative challenges.

A bold and attractive typeface, utilising round edges in the typeface and its stroke to illustrate the brand to be friendly and enthusiastic. The tittles are unique to the brand as they represent the turning motion of the platforms carousel (applications main feature).


The Brand

The unitive brand embodies a playful art direction which speaks directly to Gen Z. Unitive values reassurance by adopting a human-centred approach which speaks directly to the student, with another value of motivation to inspire students to take control of their creative journeys.

Unitive employs a vibrant colour palette which appeals to the audience and compliments the brands vision to be a recognised platform for helping young creatives.

Mobile App

By uniting creatives on a dynamic platform, Unitive provides a sense of improved value towards creativity, fostering connections between students and a selection of creative careers. Through this innovative platform, students can connect with like-minded creatives who share their creative career interests, forging meaningful collaborations and unlocking new opportunities.



Unitive employs empathetic listening and understanding to connect with students directly. Through a compelling campaign message, it aims to empower them by celebrating their uniqueness and by fostering an environment for creative self-expression.

This is visualised through expanding Unitive's tittle and using its arrows to illustrate students going against judgement as a creative.

Why not experience the app for yourself?

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