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Rocker Billy's Clothing


UX Design

Adobe Xd

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Five weeks


Rocker Billy's Clothing is an app that sells vintage clothing. This app is targeting anyone with a penchant for the past. This is a university set brief, in which I was already provided with a logo, colour scheme and purpose for the app.


The challenge was to create an app with a unique feature. To achieve this, I was guided to include a diverse concept to improve the user experience. This concept will need to be applicable to the target audience of eighteen to twenty-five year olds improving their journey through the app. 


By conducting user research, I'll be able to uncover the users possible pain points with online shopping. The results of this research will inspire ideas that will bring a new experience to the online world of vintage clothing within Rocker Billy's Clothing.



Following the user research, one pain point that several users found, including myself, was the difficulty of searching for a specific garment. For example, not knowing the name of the brand of the garment. The solution to this problem is an Image Search feature, which enables the user to upload an image of a piece of clothing which directs them right to their desired garment, if available. This feature would allow for the user to shop more efficiently as it would optimise the user flow.


Rocker Billy's Clothing is set to be a busy app with hundreds of items being listed by the minute. Due to the variety and quantity of the vintage clothing, the product catalogue is continuously updated. This was the inspiration for the UI to look timeless to keep up to date with these changes, hence the minimal feel to the app.

Vintage clothing sales is a fast growing industry with many competitors. I wanted to embed a feature that would minimise users past frustrations with current vintage clothing applications. The Image Search concept proved to be a useful feature, improving the overall user experience, made easier by its position in the search bar.


Sign in

The goal for this page was to gage trust between the user and the app and to make them feel comfortable as this is the first page the user is seeing before providing log-in details. I believe I reached this goal by keeping the page's UI simple and by including the brand guidelines .

Image Search 

The Image Search feature proved to be a useful feature which improved the users journey to purchasing their favourable item.

Virtual Mannequin

The virtual mannequin feature on the app allows users to virtually try on clothes and accessories to see how they look and fit. This feature uses a 3d model of a mannequin which the user can customise to their size, as a result a virtual representation of the user’s body is created which can then be used to virtually try on different items of clothing. The user can rotate the 3D model and zoom in and out to get a better view of the item. The user can also save the images of the outfit they have created and share it with others. This feature makes it easy for users to make fashion decisions without having to physically try on clothes.


Why not experience the app for yourself?

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