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Ben from BSF is a dedicated personal trainer committed to assisting busy professionals in achieving their ideal physique, elevating daily energy levels, and optimising their overall performance. As his business expanded, so did the demand for a refreshed brand identity and an enhanced social media presence.



Ben's vision involved a transformation toward a sleeker, more type-focused logo, aiming for a modern and refined look. Simultaneously, he aimed to elevate the uniformity and cohesiveness of his social media presence, ensuring a consistent and polished image across various platforms.


Ben envisioned his logo as a versatile design, suitable for printing on various merchandise, including t-shirts. The decision to adopt a box-like layout for the logo was deliberate, aiming for an efficient composition that aligns seamlessly with merchandise applications.


Within the acronym 'BSF,' the 'F' symbolising 'fitness' became a dynamic focal point. By incorporating movement within the letter, the logo emerged as a distinctive visual representation, echoing Ben's mission to get busy professionals moving towards their dream physique.



Unitive, built from combining 'unity' and 'creative' which resembles the brands purpose of uniting creatives to foster support and collaboration.

The colour palette consists of a youthful purple which aims to uplift and spark creative fantasies, with blue symbolising stability, inspiring students to endure future creative challenges.

A bold and attractive typeface, utilising round edges in the typeface and its stroke to illustrate the brand to be friendly and enthusiastic. The tittles are unique to the brand as they represent the turning motion of the platforms carousel located on the 'Explore' page.


The unitive brand embodies a playful art direction which speaks directly to Gen Z. Unitive values reassurance by adopting a human-centred approach which speaks directly to the student, with another value of motivation to inspire students to take control of their creative journeys.

Unitive employs a vibrant colour palette which appeals to the audience and compliments the brands vision to be a recognised platform for helping young creatives.


By uniting creatives on a dynamic platform, Unitive provides a sense of improved value towards creativity, fostering connections between students and a selection of creative careers. Through this innovative platform, students can connect with like-minded creatives who share their creative career interests, forging meaningful collaborations and unlocking new opportunities.


Unitive employs empathetic listening and understanding to connect with students directly. Through a compelling campaign message, it aims to empower them by celebrating their uniqueness and by fostering an environment for creative self-expression.

This is visualised through expanding Unitive's tittle and using its arrows to illustrate students going against judgement as a creative.


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